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A floor screed is often a cementitious material made from cement and sharp sand. It can be applied onto either a solid concrete ground surface or onto a precast concrete floor section.

The screed can be placed directly bonded to the base, laid unbonded over a damp proof layer of material or placed as a floating layer on top of heat/sound insulating materials.

Industrial Buildings Epoxy Floors
Concrete Slates Garages
Polyurethane Floors Warehouses
Cellars Production Plants
Parkings Leisure Rooms
Fairs Exhibitions


The traditional screed is made out cement sands and is suitable for all applications, however, this type of screed has a very long drying period; 1 day for every millimetre. Another popular type of screed is made from Calcium Sulfate and has the advantages of being pumpable through pipes and is also self-levelling, they can be laid bonded or unbonded to the concrete bellow and can be laid in much larger areas than traditional sand screeds.


For bonded screeds the minimum thickness needed is 25mm, however, to accomodate possible level deviations there should be a tolerance of an extra 10mm to avoid debonding from the underlying concrete. Due to shrinkage and uneven drying a screed layer may start to curl and reinforcemnt is required. Calcium sulfate screeds cannot be reinforced with metal as it is corrosive to steel in damp conditions and the screed itself is likewise not suitable in damp conditions or where wetness can occur.


With the Deepex® Screed Sealer you can protect your screed from many of the common problems untreated screed can suffer from. Easy to apply and fast acting, the Deepex® Screed Sealer improves the longevity of your floors by many years.

The DeepEX® Screed Sealer is manufactured with our MicroFormula® which reacts with the particles on the surface allowing the formation of a protective layer that greatly reduces the absorption of water, grease, dirt, oil and also greatly reduces stain adhesion.