Industrial Cleaning

When we talk about industrial cleaning, we always refer to cleaning that is done on a large scale, since there are so many places and small cracks where dust, bacteria and mold can hide that you need a professional team, previously trained in the area to be able to clean everything and make the environment a safe place.

These industrial cleaners differ from commercial cleaners in the types of tools they use and the equipment needed for the job.

Generally, this industrial cleaning equipment must meet the following requirements:

  • Flexibility with days, hours, etc.
  • Have a wide knowledge and experience in specialized cleaning.
  • Have a high training in handling chemicals, work at heights and even in difficult areas.

Industrial cleaning, as it should be on a larger scale, requires much more attention to detail. It also requires different health and safety standards to be met, as well as the use of several chemicals that are quite different from those used in commercial cleaning.

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What is an industrial cleaner?

Today, almost all companies that have a reputation at the industrial level are in need of acquiring or hiring an industrial cleaning team to keep out all the dirt that can accumulate. This can be different materials such as grease, blood or even remaining metals that dirty the workspace and make it difficult for your company and even your staff to function.

Another use of industrial cleaners is that they are necessary for all companies that are in the area of industrial supplies, especially due to the fact that all the elements or materials that are created in that place, must be totally free of any particle that could be considered dangerous, since its correct functioning and efficiency depends on it.

It is of utmost importance to highlight that there are two types of industrial machines according to their source of energy used. Manual, those that operate thanks to the mechanized energy and automatic that are driven by the action of electricity or motors.

What industrial cleaning must have

Generally, what industrial cleaning contains is based on a chemical solution, which in turn is made by a liquid chemical that can be applied to all products that are made in the industry, so that these are clean. Usually, these chemical solutions are specifically designed by an expert chemist or some scientist who is able to understand how the process between the chemical and the product is, so that the product fulfills an effective function.

Types of industrial cleaning services

No matter if it is a warehouse, a power plant or a factory, it is always required an industrial cleaning service that is responsible for leaving everything in the best possible conditions after the activities of such companies cease, they do it through specific techniques and tools so that a professional job is done.

It is of utmost importance that the cleaning at an industrial level is done frequently in the workplaces, especially to avoid the accumulation of waste from the environment and to take care of the maintenance of the machines and the welfare of the staff.

Some of the commonly requested services are:

  • Cleaning and sealing of floors, together with repairs.
  • Cleaning, repair and maintenance of heavy equipment.
  • Pressure washing and cleaning of the company’s loading dock.
  • Restroom cleaning and sanitation, along with waste recycling.
  • Removal of construction debris.
  • Decontamination of cosmetic companies and pharmacies.

Commercial Cleaning

When talking about cleaning services, commercial ones are those used especially when a regular cleaning is needed, and not a deep one as the one involving industrial cleaning. Besides, commercial cleaning is needed much more frequently than industrial ones, that is why it is more demanded and of great importance in companies in a recurrent way.

There are several premises that with so many people entering and leaving them, run the risk that diseases and germs are present in their areas of attention. Places like supermarkets, schools and even offices that always have a high flow of people.

These places require full attention to specific areas that are overlooked when industrial cleaning is done. Areas that require more disinfection and that are clearly related to the health and safety of the people who frequent them, such as door handles, elevator buttons, or any common space that deserves to be touched by several people.

Keep in mind that it is not the same to clean a childcare facility as it is to clean a supermarket, all require a different set of cleaning techniques. Therefore, it is important to consider between a commercial and an industrial cleaning.

Industrial cleaning tools and equipment

Today, there are many products and techniques on the market to make a good industrial cleaning. Backpack vacuum cleaners are one of them, as well as degreasers that are quite common to get. However, there are many other products and tools on the market that are designed to achieve the optimum level of cleanliness of your spaces:

The single brush or monobrush:

This device, commonly called a monobrush, is composed of a circle-shaped brush that has the ability to rotate at a fairly fast rate, approximately it can reach 200 and 400 revolutions per minute.

One of the greatest advantages of this machine is its great versatility when using different brushes in order to perform different activities such as sweeping, washing, scrubbing surfaces, etc. Also, its power level when turning makes cleaning in different materials such as concrete, carpets, and even delicate floors much easier.

High pressure washing machine

In order to use this tool, a previous study of the surface where it will be used must be done, especially for the dirt that may be embedded, and therefore the use of this washing machine is deserved. It is almost always used for cleaning warehouses or even outdoor spaces due to its great power in industrial cleaning.

The sweeper:

This machine of automatic function, acts practically the same as the brushes you have at home, its task is to clean the residues left on the floor and dust. Generally, when it is required to use this tool, the brush must be chosen correctly so that it fulfills its function correctly, the flexibility of the brush can change so that it adapts better to the cleaning of the residues.

When using this industrial type tool there are several things to consider, such as propulsion methods, as there are many types.

Some of them are towed, with a driver or manually. The type of machine you want to use depends entirely on the surface and space to be cleaned.

For example, when it is less than 200 square meters, the sweepers are the ones that do the job manually. If you have more than 200 square meters, the safe option to use is a sweeper with a driver who is in charge of operating the machine.

The industrial washer

This type of tool has an incredible advantage and that is its speed and efficiency. It is usually used when you need to clean surfaces in factories, businesses or parking lots. It is mainly composed of two trays, one of which is filled with detergent and water.

And the other one is used to store the waste that is being cleaned. It has multiple functions, such as cleaning, polishing and drying the surface with a single pass.

The high pressure machines

Sometimes there are big questions as to why the equipment needs so many chemicals to leave it in good condition and clean.

It can be a real challenge for some machines to completely clean a space, but what really happens is that there are several occasions where due to lack of budget the right machines are used.

High pressure cleaning equipment has constantly stood out for being incredibly versatile, since it can be used both indoors and outdoors, always according to your needs.

But, nowadays the best options are the cleaners that work with high pressure, thanks to its great precision and its incredible portability in the work area, besides also having a wide market of chemical products that let this equipment be able to clean any environment quickly and effectively.

Another benefit is that, thanks to its high pressure, this cleaning method helps extend and protect the life of your equipment, which at the same time is also an aid to your economy and the operation of all your tools.

Recycling and industrial cleaning:

When it comes to the environment, and how the residues left in industrial cleaning factories are processed.

The issue can always become a little delicate due to the amount of regulations and the attempts that have been made in this market to be able to eliminate in the best way and without affecting the environment the residues and dispose of them in the best way.

This is a great responsibility considering that there are more and more environmental laws that try to protect spaces from toxic waste and that are found in plants and facilities.

The good news is that thanks to all the research and innovations that have been made on this subject, a new way of recycling, reusing and treating waste has been conceived.

Industrial and institutional cleaning products are formulated to meet the needs of a large and diverse market.

Segments include institutional dishwashing, industrial bottle washing, dairy, brewery and food processing equipment cleaning, institutional laundry cleaning, textile maintenance, health care and surface disinfection, vehicle cleaning, metal cleaning and all other industrial cleaning operations.

Cleaning Supplies

In this whole industrial cleaning market, the supplies that are necessary to carry out the cleaning are the key to the whole process. Whether it’s a new washing machine, a new trash can or a new brush, these must be adapted to the needs of the site, a company, a supermarket or a hospital.

This, when it comes to commercial cleaning, which, even if it is applied in the work environment, does not take away the importance of industrial cleaning that must be done from time to time to ensure the health of such spaces.

The wide range of supplies that must be kept on hand must always be available so that safety standards are met.

Chemical products are other supplies that we must always take into account before hiring a cleaning service, whether it is commercial or industrial.

Of these there are several options, such as those that cut grease, those that remove stains and those that simply remove dirt.

But the best thing about these supplies is that they can be manufactured ecologically, or that their use does not harm the environment, which naturally forces the special machines for these, to adapt to the environmental change that chemical supplies offer them. 

Care must be taken when carrying out deep cleaning or even industrial cleaning in environments that may suffer some contamination and that may later lead to an accident.

And, places such as kitchens or health buildings, even laboratories where fire is a common artifact and that any trace of chemicals may generate a fire, or that any trace of chemicals may contaminate the food in a place or even the artifacts that may be used in a medical practice.

Advantages of industrial cleaning

Learn more about its benefits, with this series of advantages:

  • Optimization of the machinery used, as it is well known the correct functioning of your equipment is a determining factor for the health of your company. With the industrial cleaning you will be giving them the correct maintenance, besides prolonging their useful life.
  • Your staff will enjoy spaces free of risks caused by contamination or infection, thus protecting their health and optimizing the working environment. This in turn will lead to an increase in daily productivity.
  • The image of your business will be strengthened, positively impacting your clients since they will notice that you are interested in fulfilling all the pertinent hygienic requirements to keep your facilities completely clean.

There is no doubt that industrial cleaning is extremely relevant to avoid any risk of contagion among the work group and then have the certainty and peace of mind of having a quality production chain.

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