Concrete floors are considered durable surfaces. Its installation, compared to other floors, is very cost effective. They are successful for their great resistance, reason why the industry almost exclusively uses this building material.

However, daily cleaning and maintenance of these surfaces may not always achieve the desired effect. Concrete dust is continuously present in the environment. This has a simple explanation. Troweled concrete floors have a micro-roughness. This means that the surface is porous. Therefore, the lime particles present in the core of the concrete – also known as concrete dust – can easily emerge from the interior of the substrate to the surface. Due to the porosity of the surface, dirt has easy adhesion ot it and consequently causes deep stain adherence.

Properties & Advantages

The deepEX® dust proofing system eliminates the micro-roughness and improves the internal structure of a concrete floor. The treatment chemically bonds the lime particles and compacts the core of the concrete. As a result, the floor is strengthened and the abrasion resistance increases dramatically. deepEX® converts any existing concrete flooring into a smooth and easy-to-clean surface. Enjoy a dust-free environment with impressive aesthetics, creating improved traffic capacities with a long life span.


deepEX® ENHANCER combines concrete hardening, densifying and sealing in a single solution. Simply prepare the floor with the deepEX® DeepCleaningPad, and clean the surface. Apply deepEX® ENHANCER and finally clean the surface with the deepEX® DiamondPad.

The floor will have a high chemical resistance and the absorption of water, oil, fat will be drastically minimized.


After the deep cleaning, dust proofing and sealing of the surface, daily cleaning with deepEX® DiamondPad is a very simple issue. You can significantly reduce the maintenance costs of your industrial floor and keep it in a perfect shape for many years. The deepEX® floor renovation and maintenance program for epoxy floors and polished concrete floors, to name a few, will clean you surface up to the pores. deepEX® is particularly recommended for the following companies groups:

Properties & Advantages

  • 10 years dust proof guarantee
  • Compacts the concrete surface
  • Increases significantly abrasion resistance
  • Create an easy to clean surface
  • Minimizes stain adherence
  • Minimizes efflorescences

Our Systems

Our last generation concrete densifiers and sealers have been designed with MicroFormula® technology. It creates a “Cross-Link” effect and allows a much faster and deeper penetration than conventional systems. Your polished concrete floor will be dust proof for many years. Additionally, it will increase significantly the abrasion resistance.

DeepEX® Dust Proofing is an affordable investment. It reduces eflorescences and guarantee a dust proof surface for more than 10 years.